vServers is the acronym for Virtual Servers, also known as VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers)
Our vServers are based on the Linux Operating System and use the latest VMWare Technology.
A vServer can be compared to a Dedicated Server for everything regarding management and flexibility, but the main difference residen in the price.
It's not always necessary to dispose of the performances given by a Dedicated Server, in most cases a vServer is more than enough to provide all the tasks needed by the customer.
Our Services give you complete access to the system through SSH2 with root credentials. You'll be then allowed to install and configure every kind of software you need in order to satisfy all of your needs.

The differences between the offered Services only reside in the amount of memory you choose and in the reserved Storage Space.
ALL our Services GRANT that the amount of memory and the Hard Disk quota will ALWAYS be available for your Service.

Price ===>>> 9.90 € / Month 19.90 € / Month 39.90 € / Month
Server / Memory / Disk
Operating System Linux of your choice Linux of your choice Linux of your choice
32 bit
64 bit
RAM Memory 512 MB 1024 MB 2048 MB
Hard Disk Space 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Traffic Limit Unlimited !!! Unlimited !!! Unlimited !!!
Managed Domains Unlimited !!! Unlimited !!! Unlimited !!!
IP Addresses 1 1 2
root / SSH2 Access
Activation Fees Free Free Free
Support Online / Phone / SMS Online / Phone / SMS Online / Phone / SMS
Minimum Uptime 99.5 % 99.5 % 99.5 %
Price ===>>> 9.90 € / Month 19.90 € / Month 39.90 € / Month
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